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Nevada Faculty Alliance
What is the Nevada Faculty Alliance?
The Nevada Faculty Alliance (NFA), an affiliate of the American Association of University Professors, was founded in 1984 as an advocacy organization committed to promoting access to higher education for the citizens of Nevada. 

NFA directly lobby’s and advocates for competitive compensation and benefits that can attract and retain academic faculty and professional staff.

The NFA advocates for quality education for the common good of our communities by promoting dialogue, and effective policies and procedures based on these core principles:
Advocacy and action...
for faculty and staff as workers in the service of the public good;  defense of academic freedom in all its manifestations, including the American institution of tenure rights; and ensuring academic rigor and educational quality on behalf of faculty, students and the community through shared governance of the universities and colleges. 
Access, inclusion and diversity...
for students, faculty and staff, and the administration they are governed by. All are valued as a reflection of our communities. 
Academic achievement...
exemplified in both quantitative and qualitative measures, and outcomes for individual students as well as the community they call home.
Affordability and funding...
that emphasize access to the citizens of Nevada pursuing higher education. We advocate for the funding to support an educational infrastructure that will diversify Nevada’s economy.

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We at NSC- NFA are a proud affiliate of the American Association of University Professors, the only cross-disciplinary academic professional association with 47,000 members nationwide.